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HAMBD Trading PLc has been appointed as the official agent of Sinogold, a renowned global Electric Car Manufacturer.

SINOGOLD was established in January 2016, covering an area of about 4.3 million ㎡, located at No.777 Baoshan Road, High-tech Zone, Zibo City, Shandong Province, China;

The main business of SINOGOLD is R&D, production & sales of EV and their core parts, with the ability to integrate production, research and marketing.

SINOGOLD is the first and the only one who has obtained the National Double Qualification of EV in Shandong Province. It has four complete process workshops with an annual capacity of 100,000 units. SINOGOLD plans to build the industry's first-class supply chain logistics park and parts factory to further consolidate the foundation

Unique Features


100% Electric Power, No Diesel, No emissions


Affordable price, Low daily operational Cost, No Fuel, No Filters, No Oil and so on, and Free maintenance


Smart size, Easy to park, Easy to operate, Home charging, and Fast Charging

Energy Efficient

For 150 km cost, 10 – 15 kWh of electricity
For 150 km cost, an average of 15L-20L Fuel


New shape design, X-an front face shape, full of power, domineering and fashionable

Encircling wide-body "X" front face

Exterior radiates a captivating charm that instantly captures your heart.

Intelligent Driving Control

A Perfect balance of handling stability and comfort

The chassis is professionally adjusted by Benteler in Germany; Steering: low, light, high stability, and precise steering;

Rapid change line: speed up to 110/h (according to ISO38881 standard); winding pile stability: speed up to 80/h (GB6323).

Comprehensively improve the grip of the tire on dry, wet, ice, snow and other road surfaces, and improve the rolling comfort and small vibration of the tire.

Health & Comfort

Healthy & environmentally friendly car interior environment

Ergonomic leather seat with 6-way height adjustment, which can satisfy drivers and passengers of various heights and habits, and improve driving comfort

Adheres to the design concept of "low odor and low emission"

40°C high temperature and high sunshine environment, 10 minutes, the temperature inside the car can drop to 28 degrees

Safe & Reliable

2 million kilometers endurance test, complete vehicle + spare parts.

HD driving recorder Equipped with a high-definition driving recorder, the image at night is clear, and it can record travel conditions to the greatest extent to prevent accidents.

Direct Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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