HAMBD Trading PLC, will start supplying Electric Vehicles to Ethiopian market.

Our company, HAMBD Trading PLc, will start supplying Electric - Sedan, Electric - Hatchback, Electric - SUV, and Electric Tricycles to the Ethiopian Market, as an agent of Shandong LEVDEO New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. LEVDEO is the world’s biggest Electric Car Manufacturer with daily sales of more than 1,000 units.

The Electric Vehicles (pictured below) are now on their way to Djibouti port and will arrive in Ethiopia very soon.

We are glad to announce also that HAMBD Trading Plc will start KD – Knocked Down Assembly plant - in Ethiopia following a Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Manufacturer.
You will charge these Electrical vehicles like your mobile phone. Once fully charged, you can drive the electrically-charged car for 100 to 460 km distance depending on the model of the car.
We will shortly begin registering those who are interested to buy these electrical vehicles since they will soon arrive home.

Model i5 (yellow Colored) is highly suitable for taxi service. Hence, we would like to speak to all taxi companies and associations on how best we can do business.
In addition to the benefits of the economy (by saving Foreign Currency), the following are unique features of the Electrical Vehicles to users.

· 100% Electric Power, No Diesel, No emissions

· Affordable price
· Low daily operational Cost, No Fuel, No Filters, No Oil, and so on.
· Free maintenance

· Smart size
· Easy to park
· Easy to operate
· Home charging

· Remote control
· Anti Theft / GPS
· Fast Charging

Energy Efficient
· For 150 km cost, 10 – 15 kWh of electricity
· For 150 km cost, an average of 15L - 20L Fuel