We have imported SINOGOLD with 400 KM Endurance Mileage High Speed Electric Cars

Motor power   120KW

Battery capacity 54.3 KWH

Battery Type: Ternary Lithium

Max Speed: 152 km/hr

Manufacturing Year: 2023

Seat No: 5

The Electric Vehicles (pictured below) are now on their way
to Djibouti port and will arrive in Ethiopia by next two weeks.

We are glad to announce also that our company will start KD
– Knocked Down Assembly plant - in Ethiopia following a Memorandum of Understanding
signed with the supplier.

These electrical cars can be easily charged in a single
phase 220V like our mobile phones. Once fully charged, we can drive the
electrically charged car up to 400 km distance coverage.

We will shortly begin registering those who are interested
to buy these electrical vehicles since they will soon arrive home.

These electrical cars are highly suitable for taxi service.
Hence, we would like to inform to all taxi companies and associations on how
best we can do business.

Their price will be disclosed soon after these cars arrive
at our warehouse.

The coming world is for Electrical Cars.