Introducing the SINOGOLD Electric Vehicle to the Ethiopian market.

It is my utmost pleasure to share with you the news that HAMBD Trading PLC has signed an exclusive agency agreement with a reputed Chinese manufacturing company called SINOGOLD to distribute brand electric cars in the Ethiopian market.

The General Manager of SINOGOLD, Mr. Frank Zhang, and HAMBD have signed the exclusive agency agreement at Zibo City, Shandong Province, China.

These particular electric cars already have a presence in the Ethiopian market through Ride taxis for which outstanding testimonials have been given in their favor. The first batch of buyers have applauded the vehicle for being highly suited to the Ethiopian climate and topography.

SINOGOLD electrical cars will undoubtedly become the first choice of many consumers in Ethiopia since they are expected to be long-lasting and fitted with state-of-the-art technologies. 

Moreover, they are good value for money as they travel 400 km at a time per charge. Also, buyers will enjoy a 3-year warranty for batteries, engines, and connectors 

We are glad to announce also that our company will start KD – Knocked Down Assembly plant - in Ethiopia following the exclusive agreement signed today with the manufacturer.

Main specifications of these Electrical cars :

Motor power   120KW 

Battery capacity 54.3 KWH

Distance Range - 400 km/Charge

Battery Type: Ternary Lithium

Max Speed: 152 km/hr

Manufacturing Year: 2023

Seat No: 5