Spare part

Spare Part for Ethiopian Market

HAMBD Trading PLC holds the position of being the foremost spare part provider in Ethiopia, serving as Yutong's Chartered Distributor in the country.

We are nowadays successfully delivering spare parts to prominent public transport companies including Abay Bus, Selam Bus, Ethio Bus, Walya Bus, AFRICA BUS, Almeda Textile Factory, REST, MIT, Mesebo Cement Factory, and Eagle Transport Company.

Moreover, we are in the process of expanding our services to include the supply of spare parts for all the electrical vehicles we offer.

Authorized METEC’s spare part supplier.

HAMBD Trading PLC is authorized spare part supplier to Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC), which is an Ethiopian arms and machinery industry. Being the state largest military industrial complex, it is responsible for the production of military equipment and civilian products. METEC works with foreign companies such as Alstom from France, and Spire Corporation from America.

Spare Part

There are plenty of spare part we provide, some of them are

Rear suspention Washer Oil Filter Element
Bowel-Shaped Plug Rectangle Washer Oil Filter
Cylinder Gasket Piston Exhaust Pipe Gasket
Connecting rod Connecting rod bush Oil pump
Crankshaft Rear Oil Selam Crankshaft Thrust Bush Push rod
Washer Valve Steam Oil Seal Air Valve Guide
Valve Pushrod Exhoust valve
Intake valve Valve Spring

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