Yutong ZK6729D

Enjoy a Pleasant
trip in Voluminous Space

Yutong V7 perfectly combines the practicability with the comfort. Through the ergonomics research, Yutong sets up multiple models in term of ride comfort, visual field, legroom, chest space, manipulation and so on from the perspective of drivers and passengers so as to improve the riding and driving experience and make every trip joyful.

Ergonomic Manipulation

From the layout of the interior space to the use of ergonomic seat design, from the lighting, entertainment devices to the temperature control system, all the designs are human-oriented so as to create a comfortable ride experience for passengers.

Safe and Reliable

Yutong V7 brings the safety and reliability to a higher level.Safe structure: the annular frame member ensures a safer travel and minor injury amid accidents. Optional ZF gearbox boasts higher reliability. Optional disc brake featuring excellent brake and heat dissipation capability as well as low failure rate can increase the service life by 60%.


Engine model ISF3.8s3R154/ISF3.8s4R154/ISF3.8s5R154
Dimension(mm) 7190*2240*3040
G.V.W.(kg) 7700
Luggage compartment(M3) 0-1.5
Max. speed(km/h) 90

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